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About Metier Group

Metier Group started its business in 2004 helping clients with various types of visa application. We specialize in business migration and have kept impressive record of success. As of today, Metier Group has helped thousands of clients get their permanent resident permit in Australia.
Very experienced in migration industry, our team members all have strong accounting background. This advantage has further guaranteed our success rate in application.
We grasp the latest policy updates and we understand client’s need. We make client’s dream come true by providing customized services.

Main Service Scope:

Business Migration (188 visa, 888 visa, 892 visa, etc.)
Working Visa and Training Visa (186 visa, 187 visa, 457 visa, 402 visa, etc.)
School application, school transfer and student visa application for students at all age
Partner migration, parents migration and skilled migration
Business trip and visitors visas
Other long-term and short-term visas, temporary and permanent visas
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