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About Barbara Group

Founded in 1998 by Mrs. Barbara Hyland, Barbara Group expandedfrom the initial accounting firm to today’s cross-industry corporate group involving in set of services including immigration, taxation, home loan, real estate investment consulting and development and conveyancing services. Barbara Group has thousands of loyal clients and its fame is heard at home and abroad.
With expertise in various areas, years of industry experience and comprehensive service scope, Barbara Group made itself a real one-stop service provider. We well understand that clients have different background, different situation and different needs. Oriented in details, we customize our service for each client from the start of the service. We closely follow up during the process and provide constant advice. Even after the service is completely delivered, we care about client’s development and future needs. We have strict internal review system to ensure accuracy and timeliness of our work.

Under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Barbara Hyland, the company after 16 years of development, has set up a strong team of professionals. Our team members all have solid accounting background, but also specialized in various fields to ensure comprehensiveness, accuracy and feasibility of our advice. Not only possessing professional knowledge, our team has professional attitude as well. We impress our clients by our patience and carefulness. Our sincere, comprehensive, transparent and timely service has won the trust of our clients. With a cooperative and positive atmosphere in the team, we are able to further ensure the quality of our service.

Barbara Group has also set up a good long-term relationship with the Australian Government agencies, law firms, major institutions as well as real estate developers. Abundant external resources and a vast network of contacts provide a solid foundation of quality service.

About Barbara Hyland

Barbara Hyland was born in Xi’an, China. She came to Australia in 1988 to pursue further study. Just like all the early immigrants, Barbara has also experienced the language barrier, doing hard labor job with cheap pay, difficulty in finding a job, etc. However, her innate stubborn and brave has made her choose to face the difficulties, get over them and finally she achieved her own success.

In 1998, Barbara founded her first company – Barbara Hyland & Associates. Today, Barbara Hyland & Associates has been a well-known accounting firm in Melbourne with a huge customer base and good reputation. Between 2000 and 2009, Barbara also has set up Metier Group Pty Ltd, Anjia Conveyancing Services, Skyland Property and Hauteur Group which involved in migration services, property transfer and mortgage services, real estate sales service and real estate development, respectively.

The five companies all belonging to Barbara Group are dedicated to provide one-stop service for our valued customers. Today, Barbara Group has thousands of customers and its name is well known domestic and aboard.

Apart from developing her business successfully, Barbara also actively participated in various social and political events in Australia. She participated in Provincial Parliament elections in 1999 and city council election in 2001. Barbara always wants to bring more benefits to the Chinese community through her own efforts.

Barbara is a member of the Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Member of IPA) and a registered migration agent of MARA.